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Because Christmas is just around the corner!

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Deviations of the daily variety.

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 30, 2011, 9:39 PM


:lightbulb: PLEASE NOTE, I am presently on a partial hiatus on from deviantART. Due to issues and time constraints in my offline life, I am in and out of here somewhat irregularly and infrequently. Replies to notes and comments may take longer than usual, and those I watch may notice that I comment less on their deviations and journals. Please do not take offense to this, as none is intended. I simply don't have the same level of time to invest here as I did before. Once things settle down, I'll be back on a more stable and regular basis. :heart:


A woman is missing.A woman is missing.
My sweater is knit too loose and the wind blows through.
The leaves are done changing and are waiting to fall.
I think of them collaged against my morning-damp windshield;
they will mostly be red. My wipers will push them off;
I will forget about them. But inbetween these thoughts
my brain hums. A woman is missing and I cannot forget.
Two weeks ago the leaves were mostly green and yellow.
Two weeks ago a woman went missing.
I didn't know her but she went missing and today
I am standing at a wall covered with candles and
I am rolling her name over my tongue and I am thinking.
I am thinking and praying, but I am not hoping.  
A woman went missing; a woman is missing.
I keep going to work, getting up each day.
I brush my teeth, comb my hair, pack my lunch, drive my car.  
And mostly I do not think about her. But sometimes I do.
Sometimes the hairs on my neck stand up and the two blocks
between the library and the coffee shop are impossibly long.

I was at work all day, so I didn't find out until late afternoon, when I finished my shift and went to the library to get some schoolwork done. I got all emotional in public and had to hangout in the bathroom for a moment to collect myself - all in the very best way, of course.

A huge 'thank you' to LadyofGaerdon and Beccalicious both. This is, for all intents and purposes, my first DD. The Poem Prayers project was DD'd by Halatia, but I don't conceptualise that as mine. Rather, it belongs to everyone who contributed to it and to everyone affected by the crisis. That DD was amazing, uplifting, and inspiring - particularly as all those prayers just kept coming in - but this one was so in a different way. It hit me in a different place, I guess, to have something that I alone created and poured myself into so fully, so openly, so intimately, recognised in some way. Both have been beautiful experiences and both have left me feeling so very, very blessed - as this community always does.

In closing, thank you to everyone who read, favourited, and commented on A woman is missing.; it means so much. And welcome to all the new watchers who've added me in the past two days! I look forward to getting to know you in the coming months.

So much love to you all,



1 March 2011 - 30 April 2011
See this entry for details.

To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
This one came very highly recommended both from my friends on here and my offline friends. And let me tell you it did not disappoint. I got to the trial scene right before bed one night, and ended up staying up until I finished the whole damn book. I can't remember the last book that hit me in that way, that made me laugh so deeply, cry so deeply, smile so deeply. It was Often when I read a classic I like to think about why it's been dubbed 'a classic.' Sometimes it's because of the caliber of the writing, other times because of its historical weight, and others because of how it resonates with human experience. Very seldom does a classic manage all three. This one, though, does and astoundingly so. A remarkable read.

The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett
When I first listed this on my reading list zebrazebrazebra said "The Secret Garden is a stunning book. I read it whenever I feel down and the downness just slows down," which I thought was a wonderfully whimsical way of putting things. And now that I've read it I know exactly what she meant. It was a joyful and heartwarming read and I think Dickon, especially, will be a character that sticks with and makes me smile spontaneously for a long time to come.

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Generation X, Douglas Coupland
What can I say? I was written for the generation before my own, but a lot of the problems - the wayward, cheated, but evocatively introspective feelings of being 20th or 21st century 20-something ring true for me, and for most others my age I reckon. I love this book's comments on youth society, and on North American class structures and economics. It's poetic, strange, eerie, hilarious, and far too much like looking in the mirror. I can't wait to pick up Generation A.

Celebutantes, Amanda Golberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper
Man this was a trashy book. I really couldn't get into it at first, finding it much more vapid and frivolous than I'm used to, but I just sort of let go and went with it, and by the end I was enjoying myself thoroughly. Nothing that'll blow you off your feet, or make you think or question your existence, but a decent, humorous read that just lets your brain chill.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson
Holy-fucking-awesome-book-oh-my-god. Seriously, guys, I could not put this one down. I'm not generally one for crime or mystery type novels, but I just found this one to be so well-crafted and so out of the norm, with such vivid characters, that I devoured it with hesitation. Really stoked for the next two books, and interested to see how Larsson develops Lisbeth and Blomkvist in the next installments. And I think must rent the movie this or next weekend!


JULY 2011

“A poem is never finished, only abandoned. "

- Paul Valery


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Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
The Bible (for serious; I'm trying to read the whole thing cover-to-cover by year's end).

Simplex by helvegr.
  • Reading: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


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A bit about me.

OritPetra has a maturity in style that leads to deep, nuanced pieces, filled with thought-out techniques. The effect is a superb combination of mood and tone that creates engrossing, epic landscapes in each poem or prose piece. No piece feels like merely words on a page...

- bleusman on behalf of theWrittenRevolution.


Twenty-three years ago, I was born in a small fishing and mining community on the East Coast of Canada. Since then, I've travelled much, lived in big cities, and acquired a Bachelor of Arts, but salt and coal still seem to run thick in my blood and home always calls me back. Right now, I work one of those low-benefits, low-pay, low-stimulation jobs that 20-somethings often take up inbetween degrees to avoid copious amounts of debt but when I'm not there I'm out doing the things I love: hiking, cycling, camping, fishing, and my one true passion, long-distance motorbiking. I've actually just returned from a two-week trip across the Canadian North, my father and I taking our motorcycles across the recently completed Trans-Labradorian Highway, a route that all-told entailed 1300 kilometres of gravel road and 2800 kilometres paved. But I'm also a city girl, loving the stillness of a morning hungover from one-too-many drafts at the local pub, the bustle of colours and smells and people in a downtown core, and the various flavours of the readily available ethnic cuisines. Amidst all this, documenting my experiences in writing, whether in poetry or prose - but mostly the former - has remained important to me.

If you'd like to know a bit more about me, check out my interview (click here) with EternalSunday.


A small list, but hopefully, someday, it'll grow.



Individuals that I love and admire.


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